London 2012 – An Olympics To Remember…

Just about to sit down in front of the TV and watch the London 2012 closing ceremony celebrations in the fantastic Olympic Stadium. Wow, what a great, emotional and, at times, breathless games – especially if you are a Team GB supporter!! I think for Team GB to win 29 golds was beyond even the wildest of expectations of fans, organisers and administrators before the sport began. To win so many golds across a diverse range of sports was also fantastic – I have found myself viewing sports I would never have the opportunity to view – on one day in the first week of London 2012 I watched competition from sports such as judo, rowing, sailing, cycling, fencing and canoeing. My standard sports viewing is usually confined to football and cricket! I suppose the next thing on my agenda should not be just to watch on my laptop or TV but to get out there and do more sports…a legacy of sorts!

If I had to pick one standout moment from London 2012, it would have to be Mo Farah winning his second gold medal in the 5,ooom last night (Sat 11 Aug 2012). I was cheering and willing Mo on to cross the line in front of the TV. The atmosphere in the stadium sounded electric – even the BBC commentary team were emotional, suggesting that Mo’s win was the greatest night of British athletics in a generation. Certainly a MO-ment I won’t forget in a hurry!

Enjoy the closing ceremony – tomorrow the London 2012 games will be history. A golden moment in GB’s sporting history. Let’s it continues in the Paralympic games that follow in a few weeks time. If you want to keep the Olympic spirit alive between the games, I recommend you read this witty blog post from BitchBuzz. A great read!

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