DMU Library – Discovery Systems Analysis

DMU Library has begun to explore the potential implementation of a “Discovery System”. A Discovery System is software which “ideally” joins together different silos of library content & information (library catalogue, eJournals A-Z List/link resolver software, institutional repository etc) & allow library users to search across this content from one search box (a la Google).

The library will be exploring what it would want in a Discovery System, & the key issues/factors involved in the choice of Discovery System & provider. There are a number of systems available  & established on the market. With this in mind, I think some of the key themes would be (in no order of relevance or priority):

  • “Findability” of library online resources – linking to third-party resources, potential for publisher bias or exclusivity towards content?
  • Accessibility to resources – seamless links/authentication to library systems (via DMU Single Sign On).
  • Metadata quality & retrieval (system knowledgebase) – MARC/catalogue records, correct & up-to-date journal titles lists.
  • Provider support – level of customer service offered during implementation & aftercare.
  • Compatibility/interoperability with other library systems (DMU Library catalogue, Find it @DMU service, DORA, ExamNet etc).
  • Value for money (VfM)/Return on investment (ROI) – ongoing system cost.
  • Flexibility of system – can the library make changes as the system develops?
  • User personalisation of system – potential links to Blackboard, myDMU, social media.
  • Promotion of system to library staff/library users & stakeholders

To be continued…

About Mitchell Dunkley

I work in the Content Delivery Team at De Montfort University Library. I manage DMU Library's e-resources portfolio and I am involved in library systems admin, collating resource usage statistics and troubleshooting. All comments are my own.
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