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Over the past few weeks, another social network site has appeared on the horizon – namely in the form of Google Plus (abbreviated to G+). To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention at first to news of the G+ release; Google’s past forays into social networking (in the form of Wave & Buzz) had proved disappointing to say the least. Therfore, I was initially sceptical upon hearing updates of the G+ launch (do I really need to join another networking site??). My curiosity was stirred though upon reading about G+ through Twitter, especially as it seemed a high number of library/university ‘tweeters’ were becoming early adopters of the site. As a prolific ‘tweeter’ myself, I have to admit to be feeling a little left out (sad I know!), so eventually managed to secure a G+ invite through a kind soul on Twitter (thanks Kate!).

After a few days of getting to grips with G+, I have mixed feelings as to whether the G+ platform launch will provide serious competition to Facebook and Twitter (two sites I use regualrly). I do still question whether I need to be signed in to yet another social media site (I have spent most of my time on G+ adding people I know/am familiar with, rather than posting content). There may be a novelty factor with G+ that will wear off very quickly!

I don’t think I’m ready to throw the G+ towel in just yet though. This is partly because I like/see sense in the G+ ‘Circles’ facility (assigning followers to specific, named groups to which you can filter content). This way of ‘categorising’ followers/friends is of real value in my eyes – you can limit posts to selected groups, rather than posting for all to see (this is currently an issue I have with Facebook).

This way of streaming content to followers on the G+ site could be of value/interest to my work at DMU and/or across the library sector as a whole. I have had trouble balancing professional/social tweets on Twitter for example, so the idea of curating content for interested groups of followers/individuals is appealing. Hopefully as more people are allowed access to G+, and my community of followers increases, the value of G+ as a helpful and worthwhile networking site will be revealed.

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I work in the Content Delivery Team at De Montfort University Library. I manage DMU Library's e-resources portfolio and I am involved in library systems admin, collating resource usage statistics and troubleshooting. All comments are my own.
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